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Our physicians provide Oklahoma medical marijuana online recommendations from the comfort and privacy of your home. The online process is quick and super simple. Don’t wait in line for hours at some “Card Drive” that’s two hours from home. Let one of our Oklahoma board-certified physicians help without the fuss.

In OKC, Tulsa, or anywhere in the state, we can help with your Oklahoma medical card.

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It’s Super Simple!




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Over 320,000 Oklahomans Are Medical Marijuana Cardholders.

Online MMJ Doctor Recommendations

Telemedicine has helped to lower costs in many areas of medicine. Through our telemedicine system, receiving your medical marijuana recommendation anywhere in Oklahoma is both simple and affordable. Schedule your private online appointment today. We want to help. 

It’s Super Simple!

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Eliminate the stress of the waiting room. Complete your medical marijuana doctor visit online from your pc, laptop or cell phone. MMJ recommendations from the comfort and convenience of home.

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All of our doctors are licensed to practice in Oklahoma with authority to recommend medical marijuana for our patients. Simple recommendations without the travel or hassle. 


We understand the sensitive and private nature of your health. Our medical marijuana doctor consultations are always comforting and confidential.

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After a simple video consultation and upon approval, your doctor will email your recommendation. Our administrators can help process your OMMA application. Call for details.  

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Online Recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card?

Okie MMJ Doctor is a referral group for board-certified physicians. We do not make medical recommendations. For this reason, we do not discuss medical history or medical needs with a patient prior to referral. By Oklahoma law, only a board-certified physician can provide a recommendation for medical marijuana. Oklahoma citizens and legislators allow medical history to remain private and completely confidential. This means your current medical needs and medical history are between you and your physician. These items are NOT REQUIRED as part of your application for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Remember, if your referral does not result in a medical marijuana recommendation, you pay nothing. That’s our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

What do various "experts" say about medical marijuana?

There may be too many “experts” to provide a definitive answer to this question. Below you’ll find a handful of professional opinions we find helpful:

First, medical marijuana is 100% medicinal. Sometimes even the facts can bring an argument. This FACT often results in a number of arguments. For instance, a long history of derogatory views on marijuana use leads many to hold onto certain beliefs. Some still believe that marijuana is only a recreational drug. Hundreds of thousands of patients could give a more accurate account of medical marijuana. See some examples here.

Are opiates medicine? Most in the medical industry say yes. However, many pharmaceuticals are extremely dangerous. On the heels of a family-wrecking opioid crisis, we find medical marijuana to be a safe and sensible medical alternative. For many, medical marijuana helps to relieve pain and symptoms associated with dozens of chronic medical conditions. We like to keep things simple. And simply put, marijuana is 100% medicine and much much safer than so many other doctor-approved alternatives.

How long does it take to get my medical marijuana card in the mail?

After submitting your application and necessary documents to the state, the typical wait time is 14 days. 

Processing time can vary depending on the volume of applications and other factors. 

To speed up processing and avoid the need to submit corrections, comb over your application very well. Look for any possible error. Common errors include: incorrect address, blurry or illegible photos and incorrect passport styled photos.

Can I purchase from a dispensary before receiving my medical card?

No. That’s the only answer. You must wait for your card to arrive before you can purchase medical marijuana or other THC products from a dispensary.

There’s no way around this rule. We’ve heard a handful of people say that “some dispensaries” will allow that. If so, they’re not following statute. Be legal. Wait for your medical card to arrive in the mail!

Would you like to get the ball rolling on your medical marijuana card? Get started now. Appointments are super simple and all from the comfort of home. 

What is the state fee for processing my OMMA application?

The state fee for a 2-year medical marijuana license is $100 (plus a $4 processing fee). 

A discounted fee $22.50 (including processing fee) is available for Oklahoma residents that receive Medicare or Medicaid.

When will I renew my Oklahoma medical marijuana card?

Most cardholders have a 2-year license. We recommend starting the renewal process about 60 days before your expiration date.

The renewal process is very similar to new licensing. First, you’ll want to receive a recommendation from an Oklahoma board-certified physician. Next, you will complete your renewal application on the state website and upload any required documentation including your physician recommendation. After submitting your renewal application, processing may be a bit slower than the typical 14-day time frame.

Have a question about medical marijuana cards or renewal recommendations? Give us a call any time Monday – Friday, 8am-4pm.

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