OMMA Medical Marijuana Application Process

Breakdown of the OMMA Application

*Visit the OMMA website for special instructions helpful for taking and submitting a digital photo for your license.

This Youtube video created by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is also helpful.

1. Physician Recommendation

After receiving your physician recommendation, you’ll want to make sure your information is included and correct on the physician form. Look over the following sections:

PATIENT INFORMATION: Full Name, DOB, Address and select appropriate proof of identity.


PHYSICIAN INFORMATION: The physician will complete all of the necessary fields in this section.

If there is an error, ask the physician to correct the form. Do not make changes to the recommendation yourself. 


2. Register on OMMA Portal

First, you will visit the OMMA Registration Portal (the process is a bit simpler from a desktop computer). Enter your information and select Patient/Caregiver. It’s important to ensure that your name, email and phone are accurate on the registration screen before selecting REGISTER. After registering, you will receive a verification email from Complia for access. Click the link in this email and you should be redirected and see “Account Verified”. 

3. Sign In & Get Started

After verifying your account, you can sign in with the credentials you supplied when registering. Sign in and select “Create New Application” from the menu. For new patients, select “New Patient Application”. *Note: You can also use this portal other things such replacing a lost OMMA Card or renewing.

*Remember, the first step is always, Get Your OMMA Card Recommendation. Without a recommendation from a board-certified Oklahoma physician, you will not be able to complete your application for a medical marijuana card.


4. Pay With A Credit Card

After completing or reviewing all 7 sections in the NEW PATIENT APPLICATION, double-check your entries and answers to all questions. Upon submission, you will be redirected to the payment collection portal. The standard application fee is $100. A reduced fee option ($20) is available for applicants that supply proof of Medicaid or Medicare.

Okie MMJ Doctor will soon offer assistance submitting your application. Call with questions after receiving your OMMA physician recommendation form. We can help. Call during phone hours: Monday – Friday 10:00A – 4PM.

5. Wait For OMMA Card in Mail

After submitting your application, upon approval, the OMMA will review and issue your card by mail. The current typical wait time is around 14 days.

*You must wait to receive your card to purchase from an Oklahoma dispensary. Oklahoma does not recognize out of state recommendations.