Medical Marijuana Saves Money

Medical marijuana saves everyone money. More people than you might expect are benefiting from the changing economic forces of medical marijuana legalization. Frequently, those who suffer chronic pain benefit financially and physically after switching to medical marijuana. In addition, the country itself benefits. In fact, government financial reports demonstrate that legalized medical marijuana saves Medicare and Medicaid a great deal of money.

Pain Management with Marijuana Is Less Expensive

Patients with chronic pain need effective pain medication they can afford. Traditional medications for long term treatments are expensive. Very often they are not covered by insurance. While enduring long term treatments, the high price of pain medication has forced some to file for bankruptcy. More than financially destructive, pain medications like opioids are dangerously addictive. On the other hand, marijuana is not. Pain management is cheaper with marijuana. As a result, patients have more money left for other things like additional medications.

Medical marijuana saves government agencies money. The reports are in and they are official. The Medical Marijuana Industry saves Medicare over one hundred million dollars each year. Furthermore, this is a growing trend. Research indicates that these savings are generated when patients switch from expensive pain medication to medical marijuana. As a result, government run medical care has reaped financial benefit. Unsurprisingly, these savings increase with each passing year.

As good luck would have it, patients who switched from traditional pain medication to medical marijuana require fewer doses. That’s right; researchers assert that dosage schedules have decreased. In other words, medical marijuana proves to be more effective in less frequent doses than many other prescription pain medications.

Traditional strategies still apply

  • Buy in Bulk
  • Use Conservative Doses
  • Look for Promos
  • Grow Your Own

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