These are interesting times. At present, our economic and physical well-being is at stake. And so, understandably, reasonable people are concerned. Certainly, people want to know that they and their loved ones will be safe and healthy. But beyond that, they look forward to a future where life is more stable, predictable and enjoyable again. The coronavirus has had an enormous impact on our great society, but it has revealed some of our strong points. And, one of those strong points is awareness. In fact, more people than ever are aware of the opportunity to use telemedicine. But beyond simple awareness, access to medical care has become more efficient. Increased awareness and improved efficiency are the effects of coronavirus on telemedicine. Along with that, social distancing helps to slow the spread of the disease.

Social Distancing

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are advised by experts to maintain a social distance of six feet or more. As a result, most Americans have adjusted their behavior considerably. News reports indicate that simple behavior modifications such as social distancing have helped a great deal to slow the spread of the virus. But, better than that, telemedicine allows that we not risk infection at all because the appointment can be held on your mobile phone or tablet.

The Effects of Coronavirus on Telemedicine

Social distancing highlights the safety and efficiency of telemedicine. And, the current pandemic has caused many important people and a great many common people to consider the use of telemedicine in their consumption of medical services. More than anything else, coronavirus has accelerated what was already a trend toward utilization of communications devices to administer health care.

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