The OMMA is welcoming public comments. Questions remain regarding recently proposed rule changes.

While the list of rules welcoming feedback is numerous, below are several noteworthy discussion points:

  • Affected persons or entities affected by possible medical marijuana rule changes.
  • Persons receiving benefit from the expected OMMA rule changes.
  • Expected health outcomes of specific proposals.
  • A discussion of the economic impact of additional compliance and fee changes.
  • The department is seeking feedback from political and government entities on ways medical marijuana may affect specific political subdivisions of Oklahoma.
  • The potential for new regulatory rules having a negative effect on small businesses.
  • How second-hand smoke from medical marijuana cardholders impacts public health.

Some specific areas of focus for possible law and procedural changes include:

  • Seed to Sale tracking for growers, processors, and dispensaries
  • Compliance procedures and costs for growers, processors, and dispensaries

Fortunately, for medical marijuana cardholders, the body of Oklahoma legislators appears to be focused primarily on safety and oversight. This focus primarily affects marijuana-related businesses in the state. While regulation certainly adds operating costs or business and in-turn drives up prices, a certain level of oversight and regulation is expected. However, it is the position of Okie Telemedince that patient access should NOT be restricted.

Join the conversation. Provide your feedback for legislators and The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. Visit their site at:







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