In June of 2018, the citizens of the state of Oklahoma voted to allow the use of medical marijuana. Since then, the flood gates of Oklahoma MMJ recommendations have fully opened. In accordance with state law, licensed Oklahoma doctors provide medical marijuana recommendations online and even over the phone.

Qualifying Conditions for Oklahoma MMJ Recommendations

One unique element of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program is that it sets no specific list of qualifying conditions. And so, in Oklahoma a doctor will certify a medical marijuana recommendation for any ailment they consider marijuana to be effective at treating. Medical issues that commonly qualify include anxiety, depression, cancer and glaucoma. Additionally, patients who suffer from migraines, seizures and eating disorders receive medical marijuana recommendations.¬†For more information visit the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority website.

Unlike a regular prescription for pharmaceutical drugs, a medical marijuana recommendation is a declaration from a doctor to the state expressing the physician’s medical opinion that you have a condition for which the use of medical marijuana may be of benefit. Medical recommendations amount to legal loop holes. Rather than risk their license by prescribing a federally banned schedule I drug, the state has provided a way, through legislation backed by popular vote, for the doctor to recommend rather than prescribe.

When it comes to health care, privacy is always an important issue. More than anything, we want to know our medical information is secure. Certainly, we do not want to make a public display of our private lives. At Okie MMJ Doctor, your privacy is important to us too. That’s why we offer consultation and recommendations through secure video conference. In that way, our patients enjoy the convenience of holding their doctor’s appointments for Oklahoma MMJ recommendations from the privacy of their own homes.

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