Communications technology is revolutionizing the medical industry through the practice of telemedicine. Modern day electronics enable doctors to evaluate patients over the phone or via the internet. Specifically, the interactive features of our computers and cellular phones make this possible. Now, more than ever, doctors are holding appointments by application of video chat. As a result, consultations are lightning fast. Truly, it is as if the doctor has returned to making house calls.

Telemedicine – The Advantages of Medicine at a Distance

Certainly, delivering health care at a distance has a lot of advantages for both the physician and the patient. To begin with, virtual visits to the doctor are fast and effective. If the doctor needs to see you physically, that can be easily arranged. However, for appointments like medical marijuana consultations, performing health care services from a distance is ideal. When blood draws or other physical tests are not needed, audio and video are modernizing the practice of medicine.

Beyond being fast and reliable, conducting a doctor visit over your video phone or laptop has other perks. With distant care, there is no need to miss work. In addition, patients save transportation cost to and from the doctor’s office. And without being in the office, there is no time in the waiting room. You get to talk with your doctor directly. As a result, you have access to expert medical care without even leaving the home.

State Parity Laws

Attempting to lower the cost of health care, the state of Oklahoma offers material incentive for delivering health care remotely. In support of the practice, the state provides non-profit hospitals and county health departments with the technology for telemedicine. Oklahoma adopted telehealth early in its development. Since 1997, state law has required telemedicine coverage by health care service plans and Medicaid.

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